Marsh Tracks Summer Series 2019


The Marsh Tracks Summer Series Sponsored by Redstone Subaru Report. Some thoughts on running a first cycling event…

It was a lot of work…

Setting up BC’s website, risk assessments, lap counting, getting results out, ensuring enough volunteers, etc. It’s all about the team around you: Gareth Atherton, Tony Lord, Lana Durrant and Vince Fox were there throughout. Some collaborative working with Simon Parkinson and Chris Allen from VC Melyd was a great help, along with Rhys James from WC and commisaires Jasmine Sharp and Dave Robson.

It might have been a summer series, but the weather was changeable

Young riders will race in any weather, but good weather brings a more relaxed, friendly atmosphere with more Senior riders. Finances are tight running any local sports event and without generous sponsorship from Redstone Subaru there wouldn’t have been any podium prizes.

Transponders are really handy (when available)

Riders loved the instant results and they were great for confirming finishing positions (although you still need lap counters) and getting results published.

It was worth it

We had a total of 151 starters from 21 different clubs over the four Rhos CC events, had some exciting racing and people seemed to enjoy themselves. The best thing for me was seeing the enthusiasm of younger riders (especially those from our GoRide coaching sessions) co-operating and working in groups even in 8-10 year old categories.

It was worth putting in the time to give these young people an opportunity to do what they love doing. Vive le Summer Series!

Would you do it again… Yes definitely, see you in 2020.

Peter Woodhouse, Rhos on Sea Cycling Club