18/03/20 Message from Club Chairman

The following is an important message from our Club Chairman – Matt Ryan.

Dear Club Members,

We hope you bearing up during this period of uncertainty. Without doubt, the way we go about our daily lives is going to have to change in order to respond to the difficulties presented by the corona virus. Government advice has escalated in recent days and so in order to comply with this guidance and prevent further spread of the virus, it has been decided to suspend organised club rides and Time Trials until further notice, as well as club meetings and committee meetings.

As we move to a period of self isolation, we would encourage all of you to continue using our Facebook group to share news, advice and general discussion. We are our own little community here at Rhos CC and we will look out for each other as we move forward. Social distancing is essential to assist with the careful management of the virus spread but if a Club Member or loved one is stuck indoors and needs help, let us know via the Facebook group. Food drop offs, medication collection and so on can be organised between us.

The age demographic of our club makes many members particularly vulnerable to this virus and so I would ask you also to consider cancelling any café meetups, get togethers or home visits.
Italy and Spain have essentially banned people from cycling due to the strain on the health service. Responding to an accident pulls essential care from treating people ill with the virus. The UK Government has not yet brought in such measures but we should all be mindful of the potential impact of our actions. Cycling UK made the following statement on Tuesday:

“We’re advising all Cycling UK groups to cancel all rides for the time-being and advise that if you want to go out cycling, keep a safe distance from others.”

We understand the frustration and irritation this may cause you but we are living in unprecedented circumstances and have a duty of care to our fellow members, the population as a whole and, most importantly, NHS staff. Your co-operation in adhering to this advice will therefore be greatly appreciated.

Together we will get through this.

Matt Ryan, Club Chairman